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Resume Words!resume writing, resume tips, free resume samples, resume cover letters, resume words
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Here are some great, free resume words you can use to make your resume powerful and dynamic.  The action words are to help you use what is called "active voice" versus "passive voice" in your resume.  As an example, saying "I was going" is passive and saying "I went" is active.

It is also important to target your resume toward specific keywords that may be in a a newspaper ad or an on-line job description.  Many companies scan resumes into a database or software package and then search for specific keywords to help them quickly narrow down their search.  If you do a good job of making sure you have their keywords in your resume, you will have a better chance of making that first cut!

Listed below are three types of resume words in your resume writing.  Review the words in your current resume to see how you can enhance it.  Let me know if you come up with other helpful, positive, and descriptive resume words.


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