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This company does on-site auto glass replacement and repair.  I had an inside rear view mirror just fall off for no reason.  I took the car and mirror to these guys and they re-attached it in about 5 minutes and at NO CHARGE!  They go on my "good guy" list!  (Central Ohio area)

Vendor Testimonials

This is the company I get some of my ink-jet cartridges from.  They have good prices and shipping is free!  Also, they stand behind their products.

Bad Business - Bad Company Highlight:  AT&T Wireless A bad company!  (read more

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This is FacilitatorGuy's website!  Lots of neat stuff here! Piano Tuner, Bill Golden lives here! Need resume help?  Check this site out! Need a quality informational website?  This is the place! Technical consulting services and more! Professional Massage Therapy, Central Ohio area! Lawn care, lawn & garden products! Landscape design & consulting services, Central Ohio area! Landscape design/build company, Central Ohio area! Professional photography, Hamilton Ohio area!