AT&T Wireless - A Bad Company!
Poor reception, poor service, unethical practicesbroadloom

Overview:  I was an AT&T Wireless customer for 2 years.  I was plagued with poor reception and poor service throughout that time.

  Reception was inconsistent in the area where I did business (just north of Columbus, Ohio).  It was never improved during the 2 year agreement period.

  When I accidentally drowned my phone, AT&T Wireless would not allow me to roll into a new plan (I only had 6 months left), nor did they offer a "used replacement" plan, nor did they have any phone special deals.  I had to pay full price for a new phone.broadloom

  Although I attempted to cancel my agreement exactly on the last day of the agreement, I was deceived by the Service Rep.  This deception resulted in my having to pay a full additional month for service, even though my phone had been turned off.  They would not pro-rate me for even one day.

Summary:  In my opinion, AT&T Wireless is more concerned about making money (even unethically so) than it is about customer satisfaction.  I told the Service Rep that I would tell everyone I know that they are a bad company and that their customer service is horrible.  (I got no response from them on that.)

So, here I am.  If you want a good cell phone provider, do not choose AT&T Wireless!

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